Prusa MK4 WEBCAM and COB LED Stick

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Prusa MK4 WEBCAM and COB LED Stick

We recently purchased a Prusa MK4 and encountered a problem! While away, we wanted to monitor our printer remotely, but discovered that Prusa has yet to offer an official webcam solution.

During our search, we stumbled upon an awesome project on GitHub by Miroslav Pivovarsky, also known as johnyHV. The project is titled PrusaConnect_ESP32-CAM, and we decided to tailor it to meet our specific needs.

Let’s dive into creating our solution!


Our solution:

  • Affordability: Our approach is cost-effective.
  • Simple Modification: Only the top left Z printed part needs to be changed, closely resembling the design found at
  • Custom Printed Part Replacement: The new printed part houses a built-in ESP32-CAM and a small, yet impressively bright, COB LED Stick.
  • Physical On/Off Switch: A small switch is included to manually control the COB LED Stick.
  • Remote Control Capability: The COB LED Stick can also be operated remotely.
  • Firmware Customization: We adapted johnyHV’s firmware to suit our specific needs (more details in the next chapter).
  • Prusa Connect Cloud Integration: Our solution is fully integrated with the Prusa Connect cloud web interface, allowing for remote camera access from anywhere.
  • Printer-Powered: Both the ESP32-CAM and COB LED Stick are powered directly by the printer’s power supply, eliminating the need for external cables and power sources.

First step: design and concept




Next chapter. Installation and configuration.

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