Nitehawk36 General Info

How is it going to look?

Image source: LDO post on Facebook

When it will be available?

Beginning of july (expected)

Benefits over CAN?

Nitehawk is a USB toolhead.
You plug it into the Raspberry Pi, and that’s it.
You don’t need CAN, U2C, CAN bridge mode, etc.
Since it works over the USB protocol, you will have better connectivity because CAN only communicates one way and sometimes it creates a mess.
Some of our clients report problems when using CAN, especially with the rapid fast bed probes and end switch accuracy and repeatability.
There is just one cable from this toolhead to the RPI. Forget about the old-fashioned cable chains with 14 cables.
It’s much easier to flash, just like a normal motherboard. Press boot and reset to enter DFU mode and flash it by uploading the klipper firmware. We will create a step-by-step tutorial on how to flash it.

Why nitehawk36 ?

It’s a direct replacement for the EBB36 with almost the same size and format.
It fits perfectly behind any round pancake stepper motor, making it compatible with Galileo 2, XOL, Stealthburner, Mini Stealthburner, and more.
It will work in almost any printer with a round pancake stepper motor on the extruder, especially the Voron V2, Voron Trident, and V0.2.
The parts cooling fan and hotend extruder fan can run at selected voltages: 5V or 24V.
Extruder fan accepts both 2 wires or 3 wires fan with tach (Detect when it stalls!)
Includes an ADXL345 accelerometer built-in.
Heater ferrules are normal size, not super thin.
Normal size JST-XH 2.54mm connectors.
The Nitehawk 36 also has an integrated USB expansion port, allowing you to connect Beacon or BTT Eddy directly to this toolhead.
There is a breakout board between Nitehawk and your Raspberry Pi to ensure smooth operation and protect against shorts, malfunctions, etc.
XT30 connector to connect the umbilical cable from the board to the RPI.

Image of nitehawk36 beta version vs EBB36

Image source: jontek2 at Discord vikings
Don’t mind the stepper motor connector. It’s an early beta version.
Conclusion: the size format between nitehawk36 and ebb36 are very identical.

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