Air Quality Sensor BME280 SGP40


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Designed and open-sourced by XBST_ the air quality sensor is a tiny (10.6×10.6mm) PCB with BME280 and SGP40 sensors. Runs on 3.3V power, communicates via I2C.

Designed for Nevermore Max 2 and StealthMax 3D printer air filters but we believe it might be used for general home automations systems (homeassistant).

With this sensor you will read temperature, humidy and VOC’s (air quality and nasty stuff).

By default we don’t solder the bended dupont pins you can see in the picture. If you want them please mail us. We strongly suggest to solder cables directly to the PCB because there isn’t a lot of free room space on the nevermore.


How it works?

Connect the sensor to the RPI.

3.3V – RPI Pin 17 or 1
GND – RPI Pin 6 or 9
SCL – RPI Pin 5
SDA – RPI Pin 3

Access the RPI via SSH and enable i2c by running

sudo raspi-config

Use the down arrow to select 9 Advanced Options
Arrow down to A7 I2C
Select yes when it asks you to enable I2C
Also select yes when it asks about automatically loading the kernel module
Use the right arrow to select the <Finish> button
Select yes when it asks to reboot

Optionally, to improve permformance, increase the I2C baudrate from the default of 100KHz to 400KHz by altering /boot/config.txt to include:


install the python code needed for the BME280 and SGP40 sensors from the Nevermore Max repo.

sudo apt-get install i2c-tools python-pip
sudo pip install RPi.bme280
sudo wget -P ~/klipper/klippy/extras
sudo wget -P ~/klipper/klippy/extras
sudo service klipper restart

Run these commands if you are using Mainsail and want the SGP40s displayed on the dashboard:

cd ~/mainsail/
grep -l additionalSensors * -R | xargs sed -i 's+additionalSensors=\[+additionalSensors=\["sgp40",+g'

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Air Quality Sensor BME280 SGP40

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