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The BIGTREETECH Manta M5P is a 32-bit motherboard designed specifically for running Klipper. The board allows direct installation of the BIGTREETECH CB1/Raspberry Pi CM4 to run Linux and Klipper. The special feature of this motherboard is that BTB headers are integrated directly into it to help customers and clients choose between CM4 or another solution. This is mainly to try to compensate for the difficulty in sourcing a Raspberry Pi CM4!

Main features:

  • 32-bit 64MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ series STM32G0B1RET6
  • CNC fan voltage is freely selectable between 24, 12 and 5 V
  • Responsive eFuse protection
  • Replaceable fuse with incredibly easy maintenance


ARM Cortex-M0+ series STM32G0B1RET6 MCU

The motherboard from the Manta series uses a 32-bit 64MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ series STM32G0B1RET6 microcontroller. The MCU firmware supports upgrade via SD card or via DFU mode using Klipper’s make flash command.

Protected thermistor circuit

The thermistor circuitry of the Manta M5P motherboard is protected in that the microcontroller will not be damaged by a shorted heater bed or shorts to the heater cartridges.

The thermistor connector supports pullup resistor setting with jumpers, so you don’t need an additional module for PT1000!

Incredibly useful interfaces

  • BTB headers are located between the motherboard and the coreboard to be able to use other coreboards in addition to CM4,
  • Integrated SPI and UART mode of TMC driver and onboard DIAG pin, easily configurable with jumpers,
  • Integrated SPI interface for accelerometer connection to enable clipper input shaping,
  • Onboard proximity switch port supports NPN and PNP type selection, with voltage selectable between 24, 12, and 5 V,
  • Further expansion ports: M5P supports filament runout sensor, BLTouch, RGB, etc.


The motherboard features eFuse, a high-end electronic fuse. When overload occurs, eFuse ensures faster shutdown; when the overload is removed, it ensures automatic restart. The high-precision eFuse protection, which requires no special maintenance, detects any fault in the circuit, thus meeting incredibly high circuit safety standards.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Quick shutdown in the event of an overload
  • Automatic restart when overload is eliminated
  • Operation at low currents
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse current protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Polarity reversal protection

You can find more information, manuals and firmwares here!

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BTT Manta M5P

Availability: In stock and ready to ship!

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