Daylight on a Stick XXL Size


Designed and open-sourced by bartlammers aka BLAMM! the Daylight on a Stick is a chainable 24V LED bar and gives the illusion of daylight in your Voron. Great when making photo’s of your prints, or want to see the colors how they will look in the outside world.

We use 4.000k natural white or 5.000k cool white CR80 72lm LEDs according to BOM.

Ideally used in a Voron V2 or VT with 350mm because these sticks are 373mm long.

It won’t fit smaller size printers!!

90 degree JST-XH 2.54 connectors already soldered to the LED sticks according to pictures.


You are going to receive:

  • 2x LED sticks
  • 4x 2 Pin JST female connector
  • around 20x terminal crimps JST XH2.54
  • 8x M3x8 screw
  • 4x Tnut M3
  • 4x heat inserts

Author and credits: 



Led Colors // Voron 3D Printer Model Voron V0 Voron V2.4 or Trident 250mm and 300mm Bluid Voron V2.4 or Trident 350mm Build only
White Color only daylight on a Matchstick Daylight on a stick Daylight on a XXL size Stick
RGB Rainbow on a matchstick Disco on a stick Disco on a XXL size Stick


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Daylight on a Stick XXL Size
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