ERCF eletronics Kit

When you want to print in multicolor with your voron this is that you are looking for the Voron ERCF project.

Our ERCF eletronics kit includes:

  • Tircown easy board ERCF v1.1
  • Original Seeeduino XIAO already flashed with klipper latest version
  • Heatsink installed on the 5V step down converter
  • 2x TMC2209 stepper Drivers
  • TCRT5000 Sensor with correct mounting hole
  • Original AH3364Q-P-B Hall Sensor
  • 2x insulated ferrule crimp

This item is fully soldered and in ready condition to be used.

ERCF project by Ette:
Tircown easy board:

Options Available:

Tircown Easy Board Only, ERCF Eletronics Kit

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ERCF eletronics Kit

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