Galileo 2 – Extruder Kit by LDO


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The New Galileo 2 (G2) by LDO is based around a custom-designed 9:1 MJF and Aluminum planetary gearbox, with a custom 9 Teeth stepper that features 20% higher surface area than the existing 10 Teeth designs (5mm tall spur gear vs 4mm tall spur gear) for increased wear protection and better power transfer from the stepper to the gearbox. The gearbox also follows the rules of planetary gearboxes, where the sun (spur) gear needs to be divisible by the number of planets for proper meshing and loading of the planets (3 planets, 9T spur).

Galileo 2 also counts with the benefits of large gears and bearings.

With the Galileo 2 extruder kit plus the correct printed parts you can build one of these:

Designation Image Description Links
 Galileo 2 Standalone drop-in replacement of Orbiter 2.0 or Sherpa Mini STL
 Galileo 2 Stealthburner drop-in replacement of the CW2 extruder with Stealthburner toolhead STL


What is included?

Galileo 2 Extruder Kit by LDO includes the following list:

  • LDO-36STH20-1004AHG(9T) Stepper Motor, 1 piece
  • Ring Gear Housing MFJ, 1 piece
  • Planetary Gears, 3 pieces
  • Aluminium Planetary Carrier Shaft, 1 piece
  • MR115-2RS Bearings, total 6 bearings
  • Galileo 2 Extruder Screw Kit, 1 set
  • MR148-2RS Bearings, 2 bearings
  • 5X16mm pin shaft, 2 pieces
  • M3 Tension Thumb Screw, 1 piece
  • Bowden Coupler ECAS04, 1 piece
  • Customized Extruder Large Gear 16mm, 1 piece
  • Amazing beautiful Galileo 2 sticker

Printed Parts?

Not included with this product but you can buy them as an optional.
Buy here, Galileo 2 Standalone Printed Parts.
Buy here, Galileo 2 Stealthburner Printed Parts.


Credits of the Galileo and Orbiter: JaredC01 and Robert Lorincz

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