Voron Klipper Expander


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Designed and open-sourced by Timmit99, the Klipper Expander is typically used as a secondary MCU to supress your main controller board’s hardware limitations and allows you to connect more 4 acessories (fans, heaters, and other inputs/outputs) + 2 more thermistors + 1 RGB Led.


  • STM32F042F6P6 MCU with internal oscilator
  • SWD (Serial Wire Debug) header for easy debugging
  • 4 3A Mosfet outputs
  • 10A Fuse (Mosfets max is 12A = 4*3A)
  • 2 Thermistor inputs
  • 1 Level Shifted Neopixel output
  • 1 GPIO header
  • I2C Header with Pullup Resistors


  • Micro USB cable with 1 meter
  • 2x 2 pin JST-XH 2.54 connector
  • 6x crimp terminal JST

Item already pre-flashed with klipper and ready to use!

As usual all the connectors and terminal crimps are included.

Author and documentation: https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Hardware/blob/master/Klipper_Expander/Documentation/README.md

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