Linneo Clicky-Clack NanoNest Door Panel

Linneo Clicky-Clack NanoNest Door Panel (PC)

The original NanoNest panel from Linneo, made from PC, not acrylic, so they won’t bend.

The perfect fitting for the Clicky-Clacky Door Mod (if used with Misumi Frame. For LDO kits please use the join they send with the kit all over the panels)

The Linneo NanoNest door panel for the the Voron 2.4 Clicky-Clacky Door Kit, made from polycarbonate (PC).

Available in 300mm and 350mm.

What is NanoNest?
NanoNest is a dual panel setup with a clear divider frame in-between. Each layer is produced from 2mm UV PC, making 6mm +/-0.2mm of total thickness.

With the frame layer in between the two external panels the thermal and noise insulation of the printer can be greatly improved.

How to install?
The three layers should be introduced in the Clicky-Clacky frame at once. The panel retainer profile is not longer needed.

Size of your Voron 2.4:

250, 300, 350

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Linneo Clicky-Clack NanoNest Door Panel

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