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NEVERMORE Activated Carbon

High quality activated carbon pellets for the Nevermore Filter.

We recommend to refill the nevermore every 30 days or every 50 printing hours. The packaging can be re-sealed.

One Small pack contains 800ml, which will give you:

  • 6 refills of the Nevermore XL cartridge
  • 7 refills of the standard Nevermore V5 Duo cartridge
  • 12 refills of the Nevermore V4 cartridge
One Extra Large pack is 3x the small pack.

Technical data:

· CTC(wt.%): 80
· Surface area(m2/g): 1250
· Density: 420g/L
· Ball pan hardness: >98
· Benzene adsorption(wt.%): up to 48


Small, Extra Large

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NEVERMORE Activated Carbon