Original Beacon 3D Surface Scanner


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Original Beacon 3D Eddy current surface scanner for 3D printers:

  • Native displacement output – no z motion necessary for sensing
  • Scan mode mesh – dense grid sampling in a matter of seconds
  • Low thermal drift – minimized by design, active compensation for everything else
  • Beacon Contact (NEW!) – touch probing with TrueZero technology Auto Z calibration.


  • High Temp Accelerometer – measurement up to 100ºC, standby up to 115ºC

Printer Compatibility:

  • Printers: Any voron printer. Except switchwire.
  • Firmware: Works exclusively with Klipper.
  • Connection: USB to Single Board Computer. You can connect Beacon directly to the Nitehawk 36 built in USB HUB. Please don’t forget to buy our Beacon to Nitehawk36 cable kit.
  • Bed: Any aluminium bed with a magnetic sticker and pei spring steel sheet. Conductive surface or substrate, 400um or thicker. Bare steel, WHAM BAM, PEI coated or laminated steel, etc.
  • Won’t Work: Marlin firmware. Beds employing large or oversized fixed magnets (such as Prusa Bed, mandala rose, etc) is not recommended.
  • Not recommended: Using a BTT Pi or BTT Manta board with the Beacon without an inline hub voids the warranty. If you have this setup please consider using a nitehawk36 toolhead.


  • 1x Custom USB cable 1.8M lenght
  • 1x Beacon board (main PCB, sensing PCB, headers, cable connector)


This is important for mounting Beacon to your tool head appropriately. Check connector angle.

  • Normal: connector pointing vertically (when in doubt select this version)
  • Low Profile: connector pointing horizontally

Normal Profile, Low Profile

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Original Beacon 3D Surface Scanner
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