Prusa MK4 Improved Nozzle Fan Duct

This is the improved nozzle fan Duct for Prusa Mk4 from Juan Puchol v6.4 wider 1.2mm and with heat inserts already in place. Our remix can be found here.

Because we dislike screws that are directly threaded into plastic. They prove unsuitable for long-term use.

Heat inserts have already been installed in the printed part. Simply replace your default fan with this upgraded version and enjoy. Reuse the original screws.

(credits to Juan Puchol on facebook)

You can choose the color and printing material.

Select the printing material that aligns with the maximum temperature (typically used) of your printer’s heated bed:

  • PETG filament, withstands 70ºC.
  • ABS filament, withstands 85ºC.
  • PCCF filament, capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 110ºC, and offers a striking, bold appearance. It is recommended for applications involving high-temperature enclosures and for users involved in extended, continuous 3D printing sessions.


All credits to the Author Juan Puchol who created the model and later remix from Rafał Szumilas model

Material and color:

PETG Orange Prusa, PETG Black Glossy, PETG Black Matte, ABS Black Glossy, ABS Black Matte, PCCF

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Prusa MK4 Improved Nozzle Fan Duct