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PT1000 Sensor


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Pt1000 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) uses a platinum resistor for the ultimate in temperature sensing performance.

Totally linear temperature response improves sensing accuracy across the range
Virtually eliminates lead measurement error inherent in Pt100 sensors
Highly accurate, IEC 60751 Class B tolerance (+/- 0.3 +0.005 |t| °C)  and upto 450ºc.
Size: 3mm by 16mm size and 2 wires.

Fits perfectly in a Dragon from phaetus or trianglelabs, e3d v6, etc.
Top notch quality for better stability, accuracy and higher print temps.

From: TL

Directly compatible with Fysetc Spider v2.2 and Bigtreetech Octopus Pro. Works as a normal thermistor.  No need for adapters or amplifiers.

Wires are 40mm long and they are NOT crimped because our Toolhead PCBs are sent away to our customers with all connectors and crimp terminals. You can use one of them to connect this product to the toolhead.

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PT1000 Sensor

Availability: In stock and ready to ship!

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