v0 umbilical full kit

Designed and open-sourced by Timmit99, this pair of assembled PCB boards offer clean wire management and easy maintenance. Additional features include a chamber temperature thermistor and neopixel support.

Best suitable for Voron V0

Along with this order you will receive all the components necessary to connect this PCB to your wire harness and toolhead, including:

  • 2x 2×7 microfit female connector
  • 11x 2 pin jst-xh 2.54mm
  • 2x 3 pin jst-xh 2.54mm
  • 4x 4 pin jst-xh 2.54mm
  • 28x female crimp terminals + 2 extra
  • 44x jst-xh female crimp terminals + 2 extra
  • 2x insulated ferrule crimp

This item is fully soldered and in ready condition to be used.

Update on 3/August/2022 to RevA.1 with SMD resistors

We have two options available for sale:

  • Umibilical full kit: Toolhead PCB and Frame PCB with all connectors and crimp terminals
  • Umibilical full kit: Toolhead PCB and Frame PCB + Wire harness in original helukabel heluflon 0.25mm and 0.5mm for heater

How to connect frame and toolhead?


How to connect a second thermistor (chamber thermistor) to an Skr Mini E3 V2?

Crimp a 2 pin dupont onto the chamber thermistor and plug into the ground and MOSI pin on the SKR Mini.

Add this to your printer.cfg

[temperature_sensor Chamber_Temp]
sensor_type: Generic 3950
sensor_pin: PA7
pullup_resistor: 10000

If this pin is already beeing used with a display or for the display screen adapter, etc. You need to buy our SKR Mini e3 Thermistor expander that uses the TFT output to connect 2 extra thermistors.

Author and info: https://github.com/timmit99/Voron-Hardware/tree/master/V0-Umbilical

Options available

Frame PCB + Toolhead PCB, Frame PCB + Toolhead PCB + Cable Harness

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v0 umbilical full kit

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