V6 CHC Dragon Hotend


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This Hotend is a combination between:

  • the good old fashion, reliable and widely used V6 hotend
  • bimetal heatbreak
  • ceramic heater core CHC
  • with Dragon mounting holes on the top
  • high quality brass v6 nozzle

It’s a cheap hotend to use in a Voron V0.1 or a Prusa Mk3s or even as a backup for your Voron V2.4

It’s a direct replacement of a Dragon hotend.

Lab4450 V6 CHC Dragon Extruder includes the folowing components:

  • Heat sink with dragon mouting holes on the top
  • bi-metal heatbreak
  • 4x m2.5×12 screws
  • 1x 0.4mm high quality brass nozzle
  • silicone sock
  • 24v 60w ceramic heater core CHC
  • ATC Semitec 104NT-4-R025H42G thermistor
  • 120cm extensions cables for heater and thermistor
  • GD900 thermal grease


Instalation Diagram:

  • First, place a little bit of thermal grease on the bimetal heat break and the nozzle.
  • Secondly, insert the heatbreak into the heastink. Securely tight it.
  • Fully insert the nozzle to the Ceramic Heater Core. Now make a full turn of the nozzle backawards. The nozzle should distance 1mm form the heater core.
  • Screw the CHC with nozzle into the heatbreak.
  • Place the silicone sock.
  • connect the extension cables if necessary


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V6 CHC Dragon Hotend

Availability: In stock and ready to ship!

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