Voron StealthBurner FULL Kit

You want to start a new build of Stealhburner or a fresh install?! Everything that you need to build a Stealthbuner is included! 

Hartk StealthBurner PCB of your choiceHartk StealthBurner STD rev4 PCB or Hartk StealthBurner 2 pieces rev2 PCB 
RGBW Led’sRGBW Leds soldered in Heluflon cables 
Led diffuserCristal Clear Resin High Temp Led Diffuser
Filament run out SensorFilament run out hall sensor AH3364Q-P-B
Chamber thermistorGeneric 3950 thermistor Included 
Stepper motorLDO-36STH20-1004ahg(xh) Included 
5015 Blower Fan5015 Blower Fan GDS Time Dual Ball 24v 
4010 Fan4010 Fan GDS Time Duall Ball 24
ADXL 345Standard ADXL345 Voron Accelerometer
BMG Gears KitBMG 1.75/5.0 mm set of Hardened Steel Drive Gears 
All Screws and HeatinsertsM3x8 SHCS – 4 pcs
M3x6 FHCS – 3 pcs
M3x6 BHCS – 1 pcs
M3x50 SHCS – 2 pcs
M3x30 SHCS – 3 pcs
M3x25 SHCS – 7 pcs
M3x20 SHCS – 2 pcs
M3x16 SHCS – 4 pcs
M3x12 SHCS – 4 pcs
M3 Hexnut – 3 pcs
M3 Washer – 2 pcs
M2x10 self tapping screw – 3
M3 Brass heatstake inserts – short M3x5x4 – 25 pcs
PTFEAround 10cm of bowden PTFE Tube ID2mm-OD4mm random color
Extra cablesStealthburner required two new cables for 5V and FS from the toolhead to your motherboard. We have included 2 original Helukabel Heluflon cables of 0.25mm and 3 meters long each we have also included 3P Dupont and 3P JST XH 2.54 in order to connect these two cable to an Octopus / Octopus Pro.

Printed Parts and hotend (such as dragon, revo, rapido, etc) not included.

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Voron StealthBurner FULL Kit

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