Voron StealthBurner Upgrade Kit

You bought a Formbot , Funsor, Fysetec or LDO Kit? Now you want to upgrade to StealhBurner? This kit is designed for you! Everything that you need to upgrade from AfterBurner to Stealthbuner is included!  

Hartk StealthBurner PCB of your choiceHartk StealthBurner STD rev2 PCB or Hartk StealthBurner 2 pieces rev 2 PCB
RGBW Led’sRGBW Leds soldered in Heluflon cables 
Led diffuserCristal Clear Resin High Temp Led Diffuser
Filament run out SensorFilament run out hall sensor AH3364Q-P-B
Chamber thermistorGeneric 3950 thermistor Included 
Stepper motorLDO-36STH20-1004ahg(xh) Included 
5015 Blower Fan5015 Blower Fan GDS Time Dual Ball 24v 
Screws and Heatinserts from AB to SBM3x50 SHCS – 2pcs
M3x25 SHCS – 7pcs
M3x20 SHCS – 2pcs
M3x16 SHCS – 2pcs
M3x12 SHCS – 2pcs
M3x6 FHCS – 3pcs
M3 Brass heatstake inserts – short M3x5x4 – 7pcs
Extra cablesStealthburner required two new cables for 5V and FS from the toolhead to your motherboard. We have included 2 original Helukabel Heluflon cables of 0.25mm and 3 meters long each we have also included 3P Dupont and 3P JST XH 2.54 in order to connect these two cable to an Octopus / Octopus Pro.

Printed Parts are not included.

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Upgrade kit + Hartk SB standard PCB, Upgrade Kit + Hartk SB 2 pieces PCB, Upgrade Kit

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Voron StealthBurner Upgrade Kit