Voron Trident Printed Parts

Voron Trident Printed Parts.
You will receive all the functional parts to start right away with your build and exactly the same content as the PIF.
Note that you won’t receive skirts and decoration parts.

Printed in ABS and meeting all the standard Voron requirements.

For the extruder we suggest PCCF filament, capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 110ºC and providing a striking, bold appearance. Recommended for applications involving high-temperature enclosures and for users who engage in extended, continuous 3D printing sessions.

Stealthburner and Clockwork2 by default.


Primary Color is black.
Accent color varies. We have more colors available in ABS, please check this color palette and email us your request:

Accent color:

Red, Light Blue, Black, Light Green

Hotend Extruder:

Dragon, Dragon in PCCF, Revo, Revo in PCCF, Rapido, Rapido in PCCF

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Voron Trident Printed Parts

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