XY Microswitch Pod PCB

Designed and open-sourced by randellhodges, the XY Microswitch Pod helps to improve the repeatability of the homing by firmly securing both endstops.

Along with this order you will receive all the components necessary to connect this PCB to your wire harness, including:

  • 1x 4 pin jst-xh 2.54mm
  • 4x jst-xh female crimp terminals + 2 extra

This item is fully soldered and in ready condition to be used.

We have two options for sale:

  • XY Pod (PCB, 2x D2F-L soldered, 4 pin jst, 6 jst xh crimp terminal)
  • XY Pod + Printed part Microswitch_Edge_Pod.stl in esun ABS+ black color + 2 screws + fully assembled

Author and info: https://github.com/VoronDesign/Voron-Hardware/tree/master/Microswitch_Endstop

Options available

XY Pod, XY Pod + Printed Parts

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XY Microswitch Pod PCB

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