Z endstop Sexbolt Kinematics

Sexbolt was designed and open-sourced by Hartk and later remixed by azoner for the kinematics bed designed by whoppingpochard, this Z axis endstop microswitch PCB makes wiring the Z axis endstop easier and more serviceable for maintenance.

The Sexbolt version is simplier more sexy and elegant with a better touch contact point on top.

We have 3 options available for sale:

  • Sexbolt Hardware Kinematics (M4X8 + Chicago Binding screw m5x40 + 4x M2x8 + 3x Sleeve Bearing + 2x heat inserts + M3x30)
  • Sexbolt Hardware Kinematics + Z endstop PCB
  • Sexbolt Hardware Kinematics + Z endstop PCB + printed parts + assembled and fully mounted

Our Z Endstop PCB is fully soldered and ready to be used. It also features a built-in genuine OMRON D2F-L micro switch and it includes all the necessary components to connect this PCB to your wire harness, including:

  • 1x 2 pin jst-xh 2.54mm
  • 2x jst-xh female crimp terminals + 2 extra

Author and info of original sexbolt: https://github.com/hartk1213/MISC/tree/main/Voron%20Mods/Voron%202/2.4/Voron2.4_SexBolt_ZEndstop

Kinematics sexbolt STLs by azoner: https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/d716b0a9cc52926d3be4d9e31df9d19be731f9df/printer_mods/azoner/MRW_Kinematic_Sexbolt_Mount

Kinematics bed:

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Z endstop Sexbolt Kinematics