RGBW Sequins


This compact sequin sized board is equipped with an integrated RGBW LED, which combines RGB colors with a dedicated white color!

Its thickness varies between 0.7mm and 0.8mm, making it thinner than my earlier RGB sequins.

It is perfectly compatible with the XOL toolhead from the armchair team and the mini SB v0.2 toolhead from the voron team.


+ = VIN 5v
DIN = DATA IN. Connect to the RGB data output of your motherboard
– = Ground
DO of the first sequin can be connected to the DIN of the second sequin to make an LED RGB Chain.


Author and credits: https://github.com/dracotonisamond/Voron-Stuff/tree/main/Pinlight


3x RGBW Sequins

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RGBW Sequins

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